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maize gene review

Author: Alice Barkan, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR. USA 97403


Review: pending

Pub date: May 2009

Name: tha8--thylakoid assembly8

Chromosome location is unknown.

Function: tat thylakoid targeting pathway

image of corn mutant

Summary: Mutant has defect in tat thylakoid targeting pathway; biochemical function unknown. tha8 mutant alleles are pale yellow green and seedling lethal due to decreased levels of many thylakoid proteins.

Image: mutant leaf color depicted on seedling color scale.

First reported: Unpublished data: Rita Monde, Susan Belcher, Alice Barkan

Key Alleles

All below alleles and mutant seedlings from complementation crosses have a pale yellow green, seedling lethal phenotype. tha8 is not allelic to hcf106 or tha4.

tha8-1::Mu1; Mu1 insertion is 57 bp downstream of start codon.

tha8-2::Mu1; Mu1 insertion is 96 bp downstream of start codon.

tha8-6::Mu8 and tha8-7::Mu8 from MTM (Cold Spring Harbor's Maize Targeted Mutagenesis). Both have Mu8 insertions near 3' end of mRNA

image of corn mutant

Figure 1. Mu insertion sites

Gene Product

THA8, unknown biochemical function in the tat pathway.

image of corn mutant

Figure 2. Sample Western blot showing accumulation of precursor OE23 (iOE23), the 'oxygen evolving 23' polypeptide of photosystem II, normalized to plastocyanin. Wild type (wt), tha8 and hcf106 are compared.

Links: MGDB: tha8 NCBI: tha8 UniProt: Q6QPM6