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Pub date: May 2009

Name: tha1--thylakoid assembly1

Synonyms: SecA homolog

Chromosome 3S bin 3.04
BAC Genome Browser, via cDNA U71123 | 1575789

Function: thylakoid protein targeting.

image of corn mutant

Summary: Chloroplast SecA homolog: required for thylakoid protein targeting via the ATP-dependent "sec" pathway. A tha1 mutant allele is pale green, with high leaf chlorophyll fluorescence, and is seedling lethal due to decreased levels of many thylakoid proteins.

Image: mutant leaf color indicated on a seedling leaf color scale

First reported: Voelker and Barkan 1995.

Key Alleles

tha1-ref::Mu1 (or tha1-m1) Mu1 insertion in an intron, 19 bp away from 5'splice junction. Pale green, high leaf chlorphyll fluorescence, seedling lethal phenotype, with occasional green sectors.

Map Location

RFLP mapping to chromosome 3 (Voelker et al 1997; Davis et al. 1999).

Gene Product

Chloroplast SecA homolog; cp-SecA. Confirmation based on sequence similiarity and mutant protein accumulation.


Functions in etioplasts and chloroplasts (Voelker et al. 1997).


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Links: MGDB tha1 NCBI: tha1 UniProt: O24589