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Author: Alice Barkan, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR. USA 97403


Review: pending

Pub date: May 2009

Name: ppr2-- pentricopeptide repeat2

Synonyms: CL15341_1, IDP1402, PZA02035

Chromosome 7S bin 7.00
Genome Browser via cDNA EU956685 |gi| 195613945

Function: chloroplast translation

image of corn mutant

Summary: Chloroplast PPR protein: Required for expression of one or more chloroplast genes required for chloroplast translation. Null alleles of ppr2 are albino and seedling lethal due to the loss of all plastid-encoded proteins.

Images: mutant leaf color is #2 on the seedling color scale

First reported: Williams and Barkan 2003.

Key Alleles

ppr2-1::Mu and ppr2-4::Mu.  Both have Mu insertions in the second exon. Both have an ivory, seedling lethal phenotype. Mutant seedlings tend to be smaller than their normal siblings.

Map Location

The location of ppr2 is inferred from near identity of Ppr2-B73 sequence with various probes mapped by recombination strategies: IDP1402 (Fu et al. 2006), PZA02035 (McMullen et al. 2009); or direct hybridization to the physical map: cl15341_1_ov (Gardiner et al. 2004).

Gene Product

A pentatricopeptide repeat (PPR) protein, located in the chloroplast stroma.


ppr2 mRNA overaccumulates in iojap1 mutant leaf tissue.


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Links: MGDB ppr2 NCBI:ppr2 UniProt: Q7Y1W6