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Pub date: May 2009

Name: csr1--chloroplast srp54 receptor1

Chromosome location unknown.

Function: thylakoid protein targeting.

image of corn mutant

Summary: chloroplast-localized homolog of FtsY, the bacterial SRP, or signal recognition particle, receptor for protein secretion. Involved in thylakoid protein targeting via the SRP pathway. csr1 mutants do not alter thylakoid protein transport machinery. csr1 mutants are pale yellow green and seedling lethal due to decreased levels of many thylakoid proteins.

Image: mutant leaf colors depicted on a seedling leaf color scale

First reported: Asakura et al. 2004.

Key Alleles

csr1-1::MuDr and csr1-2::Mu1; Mu insertions in the first exon. Very pale yellow green, seedling lethal phenotype with occasional green sectors.

csr1-3::Mu1 ; Mu1 insertion in the second intron. Mutants are pale yellow green.

Gene Product

A chloroplast-localized homolog of bacterial FtsY, located in the chloroplast inner membranes, and serves as a receptor for the signal recognition particle (SRP, Asakura et al. 2004).


AsakuraY, Hirohashi T, Kikuchi S, Belcher S, Osborne E, Yano S, Terashima I, Barkan A, Nakai M (2004) Maize Mutants Lacking Chloroplast FtsY Exhibit Pleiotropic Defects in the Biogenesis of Thylakoid Membranes. Plant Cell 16: 201-214. PUBMED

Links: MGDB:csr1 NCBI:csr1 UniProt: Q7XAF9